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Recording Success: Chapter 38 Luncheon with the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office

On September 19, 2023, the IRWA Chapter 38 kicked off the fall season with an unforgettable luncheon at the Salt Lake County building. The event featured esteemed guest speakers and a heartfelt introduction of this year's chapter officers, all accompanied by a delectable catering spread from Sugarhouse BBQ. With a remarkable turnout of 66 attendees, the event not only marked a significant milestone for the organization but also set an inspiring tone for the months ahead.

A Warm Welcome by Derrick Sorensen

The event commenced with Derrick Sorensen, this year's newly appointed chapter president, taking the stage. His warm and enthusiastic welcome set the tone for the afternoon, emphasizing the importance of unity within the chapter and the commitment to increasing member involvement. Derrick's vision for the chapter's growth and success was palpable, leaving attendees excited for the year ahead.

Guest Speakers with in Depth Knowledge

During the luncheon, the audience had the privilege of hearing from Lonnie Garcia, Assistant Division Director of Recorder Tax Administration, and Robyn Haywood, Division Administrator of the GIS/CAD Department.

Their presentations provided insights on the essential functions that keep the county's records accurate and up-to-date, ensuring the smooth operation of various processes.

Key highlights included discussions on recording standards, the introduction of the "Property Watch" service for Salt Lake County residents, progress in digitizing all records, the convenience of prepaid subscription services, and advance search techniques including townships and ranges and tracking index for records recorded before 1891.

Meet the New Chapter Officers

One of the highlights of the luncheon was the introduction of the 2023 chapter officers, who will be instrumental in driving the chapter's mission forward. Derrick introduced:

  • Krissy Plett (President Elect): Krissy's dedication and passion for the chapter's objectives are evident, taking on her role with grace and enthusiasm.

  • Amy McKennon (Vice President): Amy's experience in the field and her commitment to the chapter's values make her a valuable addition to the team.

  • Tammy Evans (Treasurer): Tammy's expertise will ensure the chapter's stability and ability to undertake exciting initiatives in the coming months.

  • Lisa O'Brian (Secretary): Lisa's attention to detail and organizational skills will keep the chapter's administrative tasks running smoothly.

Exciting Chapter Initiatives Unveiled Derrick Sorensen also shared some exciting updates during the luncheon. The chapter's website will soon undergo a makeover to provide members with an enhanced online experience, making it easier than ever to access resources and stay connected. Additionally, an October membership drive was announced, aiming to welcome new members into the vibrant IRWA Chapter 38 community.

A Closing Note on Unity and Ambition As the luncheon drew to a close, attendees couldn't help but feel a sense of unity and ambition in the air. Derrick Sorensen's leadership, the dedication of the chapter officers, the wisdom shared by Lonnie Garcia and Robyn Haywood, and the promise of exciting chapter initiatives all pointed towards a future of growth and success for IRWA Chapter 38. The September 19th luncheon was a testament to the chapter's commitment to its members and its dedication to advancing the right-of-way profession. With a united front and a shared vision, the chapter is poised for an exciting and prosperous year ahead.


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