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Say Hello to the New Leadership of IRWA Chapter 38 for 2024-2025

The International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Chapter 38 has officially announced its new board members for the 2024-2025 term, introducing a team of professionals who will steer the chapter in its ongoing efforts to support the right of way profession through education, member services, and public awareness.

Krissy Plett has been elected as the President of Chapter 38, bringing her considerable experience and expertise to the forefront of the chapter’s activities. Krissy has been an active member of the IRWA for several years, contributing to various committees and initiatives that have enhanced the chapter's offerings.

Joining her in leadership is Amy McKennon, who will serve as the President Elect. Amy’s role will be crucial in shaping the chapter’s strategic direction and ensuring continuity in leadership and initiatives. Her background and dedication to the IRWA’s mission have been evident in her previous contributions to the chapter.

Brendy Carrington has been named the Vice President, a role that will see her supporting the president and president-elect in their duties as well as taking on special projects that promote chapter development and member engagement.

Managing the finances of the chapter, Tammy Evans steps in as the Treasurer. Her responsibility will be critical in maintaining the financial health of the chapter, ensuring that funds are allocated wisely to support various educational and professional development programs.

Lisa O'Brian will serve as the Secretary of Chapter 38. Her duties will include maintaining records, overseeing communications, and ensuring that the administrative aspects of the chapter run smoothly.

The board also includes directors who will contribute their unique perspectives and expertise. James Olschewski has been elected as the 1st year director, and Derrick Sorenson will continue his role into the second year of his term as the 2nd year director. Both James and Derrick will be integral in providing guidance and support to the chapter’s activities and strategic initiatives.

The new board members of IRWA Chapter 38 represent a diverse group of professionals who are committed to advancing the profession of right of way and serving their community of practice with dedication and integrity. Their combined experience and leadership are expected to drive the chapter forward, fostering growth, professional development, and excellence in the field.

As they embark on their term, the board is set to focus on enhancing member services, expanding educational offerings, and increasing public awareness about the importance of the right of way profession. The chapter’s members and the broader community can look forward to a period of invigorated leadership and continued success under this new board.


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